[ ruh-bur-tuh ]


  1. a female given name: derived from Robert.

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Example Sentences

If Roberta Smith was bringing anything personal in there, I believe the work is very much about my public persona.

Roberta Valente, a consultant who works with the Hotline, said laws are struggling to keep up with the changing digital landscape.

“This is an important issue for the Republican Party,” Roberta Combs says.

Mother and daughter Roberta and Michele Combs are pillars of the Religious Right.

Roberta Bruzzone, a leading criminologist and technical consultant for Telefono Rosa, agrees.

I expect the city children who read this story feel very sorry for Roberta because she lived in the country.

Roberta, who was an early riser and withal a child of poetic imagination, used to say "that the fairies woke them up."

From the back porch of the house could be seen a range of blue misty hills, that Roberta called brides.

In one of the deep window recesses Roberta had set up her entire doll family to housekeeping.

Roberta was a very amiable child, but old Squire said she "wuz techus erbout sum things."





RobertRobert Guiscard