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[ set-uhp ]


  1. Surveying.
    1. a surveying instrument precisely positioned for observations from a station.
    2. a gap between the end of a chain or tape being used for a measurement and the point toward which it is laid.

set up


  1. also intr to put into a position of power, etc
  2. also intr to begin or enable (someone) to begin (a new venture), as by acquiring or providing means, equipment, etc
  3. to build or construct

    to set up a shed

  4. to raise, cause, or produce

    to set up a wail

  5. to advance or propose

    to set up a theory

  6. to restore the health of

    the sea air will set you up again

  7. to establish (a record)
  8. informal.
    to cause (a person) to be blamed, accused, etc
  9. informal.
    1. to provide (drinks, etc) for

      set 'em up, Joe!

    2. to pay for the drinks of

      I'll set up the next round

  10. printing another term for set 1


  1. informal.
    the way in which anything is organized or arranged
  2. slang.
    an event the result of which is prearranged

    it's a setup

  3. a prepared arrangement of materials, machines, etc, for a job or undertaking
  4. a station at which a surveying instrument, esp a theodolite, is set up
  5. films the position of the camera, microphones, and performers at the beginning of a scene


  1. physically well-built

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Example Sentences

He speaks in a whisper, flanked by the two locals who set up the meeting.

Extra security was also set up along the lines to monitor other signs of potential sabotage.

“Ovens using gas cylinders were set up to make bread under bridges, and nursing stations appeared, offering medicines,” he writes.

A cynic might say that the report is like the movie Clue, perfectly set up for a multiplicity of endings.

On the weekends the birds and stray cats keep the artists company as they set up their displays.

The scarlet calico canopy was again set up over the bed, and the woven cradle, on its red manzanita frame, stood near.

The king's statue was again set up in Guild hall, London, and the states arms taken down.

While the majority pulled in one way there was an active minority that wished the Nana to set up an independent kingdom.

And now notice the peculiar relation that is set up between the monopolist's production and the satisfaction of human wants.

He hath chosen strong wood, and that will not rot: the skilful workman seeketh how he may set up an idol that may not be moved.