/ ˈʃʊərə /


  1. a consultative council or assembly
  2. the process of decision-making by consultation and deliberation

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Word History and Origins

Origin of shura1

from Arabic shūrā , literally: consultation

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Example Sentences

He suggested the return of the “five guys to Qatar” is “like moving the whole Quetta shura to Qatar.”

The two groups operate semi-autonomously but both fall under the leadership of the Quetta Shura leadership council.

And major moves, like this ceasefire, would undoubtedly be blessed by the Quetta Shura.

He told The Daily Beast that the meeting of the entire Shura, far from the dangers of the frontier, was a positive development.

The Muhajideen Shura in North Waziristan also threatened to attack the Pakistani state and military to avenge his death.

The first thing of which Shura was conscious when he awoke one morning was that something was tearing on his person.

"Before prayer, Sergey Ivanovich," whimpered Shura in a voice squeaky from fright.

Dutikov reported that he had seen Shura Dolinin going through the pockets of some one's overcoat.

Shura quickly drew from his pockets all the absurd trifles usually found on boys, and then turned both his pockets inside out.

Shura began to cry, and said through his tears: "I haven't stolen anything."