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[ uhn-di-sting-gwisht ]


  1. having no distinguishing marks or features.

    Synonyms: unremarkable, unexceptional, common, ordinary

  2. without any claim to distinction:

    an undistinguished performance.

  3. unnoticed; inconspicuous:

    He was an undistinguished part of the crowd.

  4. not separated or divided, as by sets or categories.


/ ˌʌndɪˈstɪŋɡwɪʃt /


  1. not particularly good or bad

    an undistinguished career

  2. without distinction

    undistinguished features

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Word History and Origins

Origin of undistinguished1

First recorded in 1585–95; un- 1 + distinguished

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Example Sentences

But it does signal that the status quo is up for grabs and that undistinguished pols like Cantor should be shaking in their boots.

When she graduated from Mount Holyoke College, leaving behind an undistinguished record, she was floundering.

No doubt Chatwin's elevated sense of otherworldliness originated partly in embarrassment over his undistinguished background.

Shakedowns of this kind have a long and undistinguished history.

Undistinguished from any typical strap-hanger except perhaps by the light-hued eyes.

A couple of silent Martians prepared undistinguished meals and did housework in the quarters.

His youthful years were, however, entirely undistinguished, and at the age of thirty-one he had not a fixed abode of his own.

It was close kin to the room in which he had left Miss Grierson: ornate, undistinguished, and very expensive.

The world remained unwilling to learn his name—a somewhat undistinguished name, and easily forgotten.