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[ win-dohz ]

  1. any of several personal computer operating systems or environments featuring a graphical user interface.

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Example Sentences

Up and down the plane I heard the slap of blinders yanked down over the windows while the rest of us eagerly took in the view.

A Belgian church has a chalkboard sitting at the pulpit with the jungle peeking through the windows behind it.

First, he emphasized the importance of the police and the need for new training and an end to “broken windows” tactics.

The site was blacked out at all times, with curtains and painted exterior windows.

Saks get 500,000 windows onlookers per day—a total of 25 million for the entire season.

The east window in this church has been classed as the A1 of modern painted windows.

The doors (Indian bungalows have hardly any windows, each door being half glass) were open front and back.

In this little room the galleries had been designed; the windows had looked upon the commencement of the great work.

Two broad dormer windows looked out toward the Gulf, and as far across it as a man's eye might reach.

Robert went over and seated himself on the broad sill of one of the dormer windows.





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