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work out


  1. tr to achieve or accomplish by effort
  2. tr to solve or find out by reasoning or calculation

    to work out an answer

    to work out a sum

  3. tr to devise or formulate

    to work out a plan

  4. intr to prove satisfactory or effective

    did your plan work out?

  5. intr to happen as specified

    it all worked out well

  6. intr to take part in physical exercise, as in training
  7. tr to remove all the mineral in (a mine, body of ore, etc) that can be profitably exploited
  8. intr; often foll by to or at to reach a total

    your bill works out at a pound

  9. informal.
    tr to understand the real nature of

    I shall never work you out


  1. a session of physical exercise, esp for training or practice

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Example Sentences

Schedules work out and we just have them come out to Portland.

He leased them so that if things didn't work out in Los Angeles, he and his family could always “come home,” as he put it.

"I didn't work out whether it was a boy or a girl," the Duke told the President.

Ordinarily, candidates have years to work out their global agendas in relative obscurity.

Well, he could always ask Prince Andrew how things work out for the spare heir who loses his way.

I owe you a large debt of gratitude, which I want to work out—so do not talk of sending me away.

Only I happened to have the radio set, and—and everything is rigged right for my idea to work out.

John he can get more work out of a hired man 'an anybody else I ever saw, an' he does it by feedin' 'em.

Probably she had never heard of the grindstone, or the sheep, and could not work out the problems if she had.

A something that is always waking up, and urging me to work out my own living, instead of depending on the charity of others.