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  1. a formal element occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “away from”: abdicate; abolition.
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Also a-, abs-.

Origin of ab-

< Latin ab (preposition and prefix) from, away, cognate with Greek apó, Sanskrit ápa, German ab, English of1, off
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British Dictionary definitions for ab-


  1. away from; off; outside of; opposite toabnormal; abaxial; aboral
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Word Origin

from Latin ab away from


  1. denoting a cgs unit of measurement in the electromagnetic systemabvolt
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Word Origin

abstracted from absolute
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Word Origin and History for ab-

word-forming element meaning "away, from, from off, down;" from Latin ab-, ab "off, away from," from PIE root *apo- (see apo-). Reduced to a- before -m-, -p-, or -v-; sometimes abs- before -c- or -t-.

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