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noun Chiefly Biblical.
  1. Aviv.
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or A·bib

noun Chiefly Biblical.
  1. the seventh month of the Jewish year, equivalent to Nisan of the modern Jewish calendar. Ex. 34:18.
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Origin of Aviv

From the Hebrew word ābhībh literally, ear of grain
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Historical Examples

  • The first of these is Abib, meaning the month of "green ears."

    The Astronomy of the Bible

    E. Walter Maunder

  • The festival of the New Moon might prevent him from fasting on Abib 1, 2.

  • Nisan, nī′san, n. the name given after the Captivity to the Jewish month Abib.

  • It must be killed on the fourteenth of the month Abib as the sun is setting, and the blood must be sprinkled with hyssop.

    Bible Animals;

    J. G. Wood

  • The ecclesiastical year began with the month Abib, or Nisan, in the spring: the civil year with the month Ethanim in the fall.

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  1. Judaism an older name for the month of Nisan
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Word Origin

Hebrew ābhībh ear of grain, hence the month when grain was fresh
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