abietic acid

[ ab-ee-et-ik, ab- ]
/ ˈæb iˈɛt ɪk, ˌæb- /
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noun Chemistry.

a yellow, crystalline, water-insoluble acid, C20H30O2, obtained from the resin of a species of pine: used chiefly in driers, varnishes, and soaps.



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Also called sylvic acid.

Origin of abietic acid

1860–65; <Latin abiet- (stem of abiēs) fir + -ic
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British Dictionary definitions for abietic acid

abietic acid
/ (ˌæbɪˈɛtɪk) /


a yellowish powder occurring naturally as a constituent of rosin and used in lacquers, varnishes, and soap. Formula: C 19 H 29 COOH; melting pt: 173°C
C19: abietic, from Latin abiēt-, from abiēs silver fir (the acid originally being extracted from the resin)
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