[ey-bahy-o-truh-fee, ab-ee-]

Origin of abiotrophy

Related formsa·bi·o·troph·ic [ey-bahy-uh-trof-ik, -troh-fik, ab-ee-] /ˌeɪ baɪ əˈtrɒf ɪk, -ˈtroʊ fɪk, ˌæb i-/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for abiotrophy


  1. the progressive degeneration of tissues, cells, etc
Derived Formsabiotrophic, adjective

Word Origin for abiotrophy

C20: from Greek a- 1 + bio- + trophy
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abiotrophy in Medicine


  1. Premature loss of vitality or degeneration of cells or tissues, especially when due to genetic causes.
  2. A hereditary degenerative disease.abiosis
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