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[ ey-blee ]


  1. in an able manner; with skill or ability; competently.


  1. a suffix combining -able and -ly that forms adverbs corresponding to adjectives ending in -able: commendably; dependably; tolerably .


/ ˈeɪblɪ /


  1. in a competent or skilful manner

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ably1

First recorded in 1350–1400, ably is from the Middle English word abelli. See able, -ly

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Example Sentences

After delving into the sisters’ letters and papers, the author ably illuminates the Blackwells’ struggles, the opposition they faced and the allies who helped make their success possible.

It’s the struggles of the men of First Platoon and others like them, which she so ably documents.

It is a huge accomplishment that she acquitted herself so ably, diving into a completely new role in a completely new sport in just a week.

Finished with a squeeze of lemon, the gloriously crispy, aromatic topping does exactly what I had hoped it would — turn a simple, healthful fish dinner, into one that is completely, crave-ably joy-inducing.

He filled in ably in the Week 5 win against Indianapolis, scoring a touchdown and amassing 93 yards from scrimmage.

All these debates and doings made for juicy news, and the men of the local staff, ably bossed by Callahan, poured it out daily.

This is a real book with a real story, ably told and ably illustrated.

But he died counting Clinton a friend who had ‘served the American people most ably.’

In his first position in the Roosevelt administration, however, Kennedy acquitted himself ably.

A Florida native, Russell ably captures her state's wonky blend of natural beauty and carny effects.

I must again make free in asking the favour of your advice (which you have so ably given me for thirty years) on this plan.

The workman executes cleverly what the man of taste has designed ably.

ABLY has the same acceptations; he works, he plays, he teaches ably.

The Doctor has been editor of a newspaper, which was ably conducted.

But, when Orford had nothing to gain by doing what was wrong, he did what was right, and did it ably and diligently.


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