aboiteau (ˈæbəˌtəʊ)

/ (ˈæbəˌdəʊ) /
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noun plural -deaus or -deaux (-ˌdəʊz) or -teaus or -teaux (-ˌtəʊz) (in the Canadian Maritimes)
a dyke with a sluicegate that allows flood water to drain but keeps the sea water out
a sluicegate in a dyke
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Word Origin for aboideau

Canadian French
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How to use aboideau in a sentence

  • This dyke and aboideau served the purpose of shutting out the tide from about 600 acres of marsh land.

    Glimpses of the Past|W. O. Raymond
  • Ten years later Hazen & White built a new aboideau a little above the first one which had fallen into disrepair.

    Glimpses of the Past|W. O. Raymond
  • The work was completed in August, 1774, by the construction of an aboideau.

    Glimpses of the Past|W. O. Raymond
  • They were at that time employed by Simonds & White in building an aboideau and dykeing the marsh.

    Glimpses of the Past|W. O. Raymond