[ ab-uh-mey-suh m ]
/ ˌæb əˈmeɪ səm /

noun, plural ab·o·ma·sa [ab-uh-mey-suh] /ˌæb əˈmeɪ sə/.

the fourth or true stomach of cud-chewing animals, lying next to the omasum.

Origin of abomasum

From New Latin, dating back to 1700–10; see origin at ab-, omasum
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British Dictionary definitions for abomasum

/ (ˌæbəˈmeɪsəm) /


the fourth and last compartment of the stomach of ruminants, which receives and digests food from the psalterium and passes it on to the small intestine

Word Origin for abomasum

C18: New Latin, from ab- 1 + omāsum bullock's tripe
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Scientific definitions for abomasum

[ ăb′ō-māsəm ]

Plural abomasa

The fourth division of the stomach in ruminant animals, and the only one having glands that secrete acids and enzymes for digestion. It corresponds anatomically to the stomachs of other mammals. See more at ruminant.
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