above board


  1. in the open; without dishonesty, concealment, or fraud

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Example Sentences

Even those who support union with Russia guffaw when asked whether the referendum will be above board.

The benign one, given above board and never kept in cans of Miller Lite, is corticosteroids.

Camp Jan Brewer, in the meantime, assures all that the new Bible-civ class will be constitutional and above board.

But if the same forensic expert confirms that the forensics were above board, then the convictions will surely stand.

So these two frauds said they'd go and fetch it up, and have everything square and above-board; and told me to come with a candle.

This seems very open and above board, except as to quantities, until one tries to find out what latalia rad.

If there's anything that I do despise above board, it's a woman trying to train a man who loves her.

Finley watched closely while he listened, and saw that in this matter at least all was above board.

They accepted her as the avenging champion; she at least was above-board and never resorted to trick or artifice.