[ uh-brak-suh s ]
/ əˈbræk səs /


a word of unknown significance found on charms, especially amulets, of the late Greco-Roman world and linked with both Gnostic beliefs and magical practices by the early church fathers.

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Origin of abraxas

From the Greek word abráxas, abrasáx, of obscure origin; the combined numerical value of the Gk letters is 365, an important figure in numerology

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abrasax (əˈbræsəks)

/ (əˈbræksəs) /


an ancient charm composed of Greek letters: originally believed to have magical powers and inscribed on amulets, etc, but from the second century ad personified by Gnostics as a deity, the source of divine emanations

Word Origin for abraxas

from Greek: invented word

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Word Origin and History for abraxas


Cabalistic word, 1738, of uncertain origin.

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