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[ uh-brest ]


  1. side by side; beside each other in a line:

    They walked two abreast down the street.

  2. equal to or alongside in progress, attainment, or awareness (usually followed by of or with ):

    to keep abreast of scientific developments; keeping abreast with the times.


/ əˈbrɛst /


  1. alongside each other and facing in the same direction
  2. foll byof or with up to date (with); fully conversant (with)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of abreast1

First recorded in 1590–1600; a- 1 + breast
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Example Sentences

Health now features a sharing tab so family members and caregivers can stay abreast of a loved one’s stats.

Theory has evolved considerably even in the past ten years, so make sure your trainer is keeping abreast of current science and that their philosophy jives with your own.

I observed approximately thirty police officers standing shoulder-to-shoulder maybe four or five abreast using the weight of their own bodies to hold back the onslaught of violent attackers.

That means working more closely with college students to ensure they’re always abreast of emerging trends and “keep that bridge from us to the younger ones,” Naus said.

From Digiday

She stays abreast of the exploding market for nonalcoholic beverages, favoring Spirity Cocktails’ ready-to-drink options like Mindful Mule and Mindful Margarita.

From Quartz

Informers kept the NKVD secret police abreast of what those who defended him said in private conversation.

Curious housewives stepped out in their aprons to watch them march down the road, four abreast waving two large American flags.

Social media has kept me abreast of many plot twists and turns as firestorms of outrage and smugness come and go.

For diehards of the show, staying abreast of everything that happens to Ted and the gang is moderately difficult.

Stay abreast of the political-science research when you can, but remember that some of it may be worthless.

From our vantage point we watched them come abreast and pass us at a distance well within a mile.

A big car was passing slowly up the village street, and as it came abreast the smithy the doctor raised his hat.

He sprinted over the crest of the hill and thought he heard the sound almost abreast of him, away to the right.

Then she showed the children how to get a fair start, by standing abreast and holding a stick.

She was not a road wagon, but a van driven by five horses, three leaders abreast, and reaching London in sixteen hours.


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