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[ uh-brijd ]


  1. (of a book, document, presentation, etc.) shortened by omitting less important parts while retaining the basic content:

    I didn't realize it was an abridged audiobook until I was surprised by how fast it was over.

  2. reduced or lessened in duration, scope, authority, etc.; diminished or curtailed:

    Any time anyone's opportunity to vote is hampered, we need to do whatever we can to see that those abridged rights are faced, challenged, and changed.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of abridge ( def ).

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Example Sentences

Even abridged to a quarter of the original, its long central section struck me as repetitive, tedious and cartoonishly crude.

Ford’s Theatre shared an abridged version of its beloved “A Christmas Carol” via public radio.

You were doing what you could in a strange, intense, abridged amount of time.

After that, Hawking became closer with Jane and their two children, and then the abridged memoir was released.

Undaunted, Jason translated that himself too — which he then abridged.

No doubt there were German Muslims who felt their religious liberty was shamefully abridged.

Abridged extract from My Paper Chase by Harold Evans published this week by Little, Brown.

In particular the Life of Mr. Nicholas Ferrar was abridged, and published at p. 356.

He also published two volumes of American Biography, a work which his death abridged.

The narrative has since been severely abridged to bring it within magazine limits.

Marriage had not abridged his immeasurable remoteness, nor touched his incorruptible refinement.

Hal did not make the mistake of moving his abridged command of four men down the road.


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