[ ab-sawrp-tiv-i-tee, -zawrp- ]
/ ˈæb sɔrpˈtɪv ɪ ti, -zɔrp- /

noun Physics.

the property of a body that determines the fraction of incident radiation absorbed or absorbable by the body.

Origin of absorptivity

First recorded in 1860–65; absorptive + -ity
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British Dictionary definitions for absorptivity

/ (ˌæbsɔːpˈtɪvɪtɪ, -zɔːp-) /


physics a measure of the ability of a material to absorb radiation, equal to the internal absorptance of a homogeneous layer of the material under conditions in which the path of the radiation has unit length and the boundaries of the layer have no influence
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