[ ab-stuh-nuhnt ]
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  1. practicing abstinence; refraining from any indulgence of a particular appetite, impulse, or desire, as from alcohol, sexual activity, social media, etc.: In the study, 30 participants were abstinent for 8 hours from their smartphones while 30 participants practiced normal use.

  2. refraining from using a substance or engaging in an activity to which one has become addicted: For several months I was abstinent, and mistakenly took this as proof I could control my gambling.

  1. not casting a vote: The first feature of the group’s success is their ability to increase turnout among previously abstinent voters.

  1. a person who refrains from any indulgence of a particular appetite, habit, or addiction: I'm 21 years old and an abstinent—I used to do drugs, including LSD and speed, but I’ve quit.

  2. a person who is eligible to vote but chooses not to do so: In comparison to those who vote, abstinents are mostly less satisfied with the political and social situation in their country.

Origin of abstinent

First recorded in 1350–1400; from Middle French, from Latin abstinent-, stem of abstinēns “avoiding,” present participle of abstinēre “to avoid, restrain, withhold,” literally, “to hold away from”; see abstain

Other words from abstinent

  • ab·sti·nent·ly, adverb

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How to use abstinent in a sentence

  • But my poverty kept me abstinent and my youthful romanticism kept me chaste until my married life was well under way.

    Tono Bungay | H. G. Wells
  • Another glutton, in contrast with whom Fordyce was an abstinent, was Dr. Beauford.

    The Funny Side of Physic | A. D. Crabtre
  • It costs less than nothing to avoid overeating and overweight, and to be totally abstinent from alcohol and tobacco.

    How to Live | Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk