[ adjective ab-strakt, ab-strakt; noun ab-strakt; verb ab-strakt for 10–13, ab-strakt for 14 ]
/ adjective æbˈstrækt, ˈæb strækt; noun ˈæb strækt; verb æbˈstrækt for 10–13, ˈæb strækt for 14 /



verb (used with object)

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    abstract away from, to omit from consideration.
    in the abstract, without reference to a specific object or instance; in theory: beauty in the abstract.

Origin of abstract

1400–50; late Middle English: withdrawn from worldly interests < Latin abstractus drawn off (past participle of abstrahere). See abs-, tract1

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adjective (ˈæbstrækt)

noun (ˈæbstrækt)

verb (æbˈstrækt) (tr)

Word Origin for abstract

C14: (in the sense: extracted): from Latin abstractus drawn off, removed from (something specific), from abs- ab- 1 + trahere to draw

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[ ăb-străkt, ăbstrăkt′ ]


Considered apart from concrete existence.
Not applied or practical; theoretical.

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