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/ əˈbʌndəntlɪ /


  1. very

    he made his disagreement with her abundantly clear

  2. plentifully; in abundance

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Example Sentences

It is abundantly clear that Facebook was wholly unprepared to handle this election despite having four years to prepare.

From Vox

It became abundantly clear that this was something that we had to take seriously, that it had reached a critical mass, if not well beyond that, and it’s something that people will have to understand and know about, and it has to be debunked.

From Vox

Now, though, new technologies have allowed the study of microbial communities to flourish, and made it abundantly clear that macrobes are not, and never have been, alone.

As one walks from chamber to chamber, a number of things become abundantly clear.

Davis makes it abundantly clear she wanted to carry this baby to term.

Letterman once described Sedaris in, what became abundantly clear after conversing with her, perfect fashion.

Given that, it was abundantly clear that NBC was going to star-cast the lead in Peter Pan with a famous person.

All meals are packed (abundantly) into Styrofoam containers and bagged with plastic utensils.

This cell never appears in normal blood; extremely rarely in leukocytosis; and never abundantly in lymphatic leukemia.

It is produced abundantly when vegetable matters are burnt, as also during respiration, fermentation, and many other processes.

Two boats, abundantly furnished with torches and provided with boisterous music, preceded these two fiery masses.

Hunters are abundantly aware of this, and have to be quite as careful to avoid being smelt by their game as to avoid being seen.

The old man had so little blood that it was some time flowing to the cut; but when it came it was abundantly.


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