[ uh-buht-muhnt ]
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  1. Architecture, Civil Engineering.

    • a masonry mass supporting and receiving the thrust of part of an arch or vault.

    • a force that serves to abut an arch or vault.

    • a mass, as of masonry, receiving the arch, beam, truss, etc., at each end of a bridge.

    • a mass or structure for resisting the pressure of water on a bridge, pier, or the like.

    • each of the parts of a canyon or the like receiving the thrusts of an arch dam.

    • a structure for absorbing tensions from reinforcing strands for concrete being prestressed.

  2. the place where projecting parts meet; junction.

  1. Dentistry. a tooth or tooth root that supports or stabilizes a bridge, denture, or other prosthetic appliance.

Origin of abutment

First recorded in 1635–45; abut + -ment

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/ (əˈbʌtmənt) /

  1. the state or process of abutting

    • something that abuts

    • the thing on which something abuts

    • the point of junction between them

  1. architect civil engineering a construction that takes the thrust of an arch or vault or supports the end of a bridge

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