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[ ak-ses-uh-buhl ]


  1. easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.
  2. able to be used, entered, reached, etc.:

    an accessible road; accessible Mayan ruins.

  3. suitable for disabled people to reach, enter, or use, as a result of design modifications: modified controllers to make video games accessible.

    wheelchair-accessible vans;

    modified controllers to make video games accessible.

  4. readily understandable:

    Students may believe that poetry is not accessible because of its metaphorical language.

  5. obtainable; attainable:

    accessible evidence.

  6. open to the influence of (usually followed by to ):

    accessible to bribery.


/ əkˈsɛsəbəl /


  1. easy to approach, enter, use, or understand
  2. accessible to
    likely to be affected by; open to; susceptible to
  3. obtainable; available
  4. easy for disabled people to enter or use
  5. logic (of a possible world) surveyable from some other world so that the truth value of statements about it can be known. A statement possibly p is true in a world W if and only if p is true in some worlds accessible to W

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Derived Forms

  • acˌcessiˈbility, noun
  • acˈcessibly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • ac·ces·si·bil·i·ty [ak-ses-, uh, -, bil, -, uh, -tee] noun
  • ac·ces·si·bly adverb
  • non·ac·ces·si·ble adjective
  • pre·ac·ces·si·ble adjective
  • un·ac·ces·si·ble adjective
  • un·ac·ces·si·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of accessible1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English, Middle French, from Late Latin accessibilis; access, -ible

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Example Sentences

My mission is to normalize the use of cannabis and to make the plant more accessible to people of color.

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a platform is to understand that profit and efficiency is at risk, but seek the solution that allows for the most data-points to be accessible so all paying customers can utilize your advertising solution.

The sites are being offered as traditional polling sites, such as senior centers, schools or other public buildings, become less accessible amid concerns about the novel coronavirus, and are being offered free of charge, according to the company.

Some accessible areas were plastered with “No Trespassing” signs.

Coker said Lorson has made an effort to be responsive by putting the process on pause and is being professional and accessible in general, but still hasn’t addressed all of their concerns.

Recently, historians have been working hard to write books that are more accessible.

Consumers are also gaining the ability to take the designs into their own hands as 3D printing becomes more accessible.

Which is bad, because we all have an investment in making college affordable and accessible to everyone.

But the site is incompatible with special screen reading software that would make it accessible to blind readers.

She wrote to the managers and requested it be made accessible to her, but her request was dismissed.

Easily accessible to all, courteous and reasonable ever, he was in many respects a model railway manager.

Au Sud de Gaba Tépé s'étend une plaine que les cartes disent accessible au débarquement.

The swamp is more easily accessible from Virginia than from North Carolina.

The whole story is also told by Dryden, whose version is easily accessible.

There are some forty-two of these cemeteries in all now known, many of which are only partially accessible.


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