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account book


  1. a book in which personal or commercial accounts are recorded; ledger.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of account book1

First recorded in 1690–1700

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Example Sentences

And the joint database—or the account book of bitcoin—is made in a way that everybody can look into it and at any time.

We added over $3 more in the account book with the market, and read with delight the grand total of $40.80 already in two weeks.

He adds up the credit and debit account and, if there is a balance, enters it to the account of the possessor of the account-book.

The owner of a stock-account book can at any time request that his stock in the public funds be sent to him or that it be sold.

Doctor Bond felt in the pockets of my father's coat; and so for the first time we found his account book and his wallets.

One method is, to begin in different parts of an account-book, accounts for each department like the simple cash-account above.


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