[uh-kyoo-myuh-ley-shuh n]


act or state of accumulating; state of being accumulated.
that which is accumulated; an accumulated amount, number, or mass.
growth by continuous additions, as of interest to principal.

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Origin of accumulation

First recorded in 1480–90, accumulation is from the Latin word accumulātiōn- (stem of accumulātiō). See accumulate, -ion

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the act or process of collecting together or becoming collected
something that has been collected, gathered, heaped, etc
  1. the continuous growth of capital by retention of interest or earnings
  2. (in computing the yield on a bond purchased at a discount) the amount that is added to each yield to bring the cost of the bond into equality with its par value over its lifeCompare amortization (def. 2)
the taking of a first and an advanced university degree simultaneously
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Word Origin and History for accumulation



late 15c., from Latin accumulationem (nominative accumulatio) "a heaping up," noun of action from past participle stem of accumulare "to heap up, amass," from ad- "in addition" (see ad-) + cumulare "heap up," from cumulus "heap" (see cumulus).

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