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[uh-kee-uh n]
  1. of or relating to Achaea or the Achaeans.
  2. (in the Iliad) Greek.
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  1. an inhabitant of Achaea.
  2. a Greek, especially a member of the Achaean League.
  3. a member of one of the four main divisions of prehistoric Greeks, believed to have occupied the Peloponnesus and to have produced the Mycenaean culture.Compare Aeolian2(def 2), Dorian1(def 2), Ionian(def 3).
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Origin of Achaean

1560–70; < Latin Achae(us) (< Greek Achaiós, perhaps reflected in Hittite Ahhiyawa, a country alluded to in records of the late 2nd millennium b.c.) + -an
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Historical Examples of achaean

  • Then he sprang upon Aeneas's horses and drove them from the Trojan to the Achaean ranks.

    The Iliad


  • The Roman envoys come to Cleitor, where there is an Achaean assembly.

  • He was captured, when Achaean Strategus, by the Messenians and poisoned.

  • The Romans referred the assessment of damages to an Achaean court at Sicyon.

  • They remove to Achaia, and sue the Athenians under the Achaean convention.

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Achaian (əˈkaɪən)

  1. a member of a principal Greek tribe in the Mycenaean era
  2. a native or inhabitant of the later Greek province of Achaea
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  1. of or relating to Achaea or the Achaeans
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