[ ach-uh-suhn ]


  1. Dean (Good·er·ham) [good, -er-ham, -, uh, m], 1893–1971, U.S. statesman: secretary of state 1949–53.
  2. Edward Good·rich [good, -rich], 1856–1931, U.S. chemist.


/ ˈætʃɪsən /


  1. AchesonDean (Gooderham)18931971MUSLAW: lawyerPOLITICS: statesman Dean ( Gooderham ). 1893–1971, US lawyer and statesman: secretary of state (1949–53) under President Truman

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Example Sentences

Acheson would later call these documents “shockers,” an understatement to say the least.

“We had a couple martinis and an excellent dinner together,” Acheson said.

Attorney David C. Acheson was also appointed and was one of the committee members who worked most closely with Armstrong.

For an engineer and an astronaut, Acheson said, Armstrong was not half bad wielding a pen.

Acheson also persuaded Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Arthur Vandenberg, a Republican, to back Truman on this.

Acheson, too, was anything but an anti-Semite and quite free of malevolence.

Mrs. Acheson roused herself to talk to the little girls, and was kindly anxious that Irene should not feel strange and unhappy.

Irene Packingham is coming because of a cough, and so is Mrs. Acheson, and really the only strong ones are the boys.

Ingleby had now to go to Mrs. Acheson, and tell her that Dorothy was not coming home to luncheon.

Ingleby kept back the expedition to Colla, and Mrs. Acheson asked no questions then.

As it proved, the fright and long watching had a very serious effect on Mrs. Acheson.


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