[ uh-sik-yuh-luh ]
/ əˈsɪk yə lə /

noun, plural a·cic·u·lae [uh-sik-yuh-lee] /əˈsɪk yəˌli/.

a needlelike part; spine, bristle, or needlelike crystal.
a plural of aciculum.

Origin of acicula

1875–80; < New Latin, Late Latin, alteration of acucula ornamental pin, equivalent to Latin acu-, stem of acus needle (cf. acute) + -cula -cule1

Definition for acicula (2 of 2)

[ uh-sik-yuh-luh m ]
/ əˈsɪk yə ləm /

noun, plural a·cic·u·lums, a·cic·u·la [uh-sik-yuh-luh] /əˈsɪk yə lə/.

Zoology. one of the slender, sharp stylets embedded in the parapodia of certain annelid worms, as the polychaetes.

Origin of aciculum

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Examples from the Web for acicula

  • Acicula lineata is a very small shell, the size of the Pupæ; mainly northern in distribution.

    Our British Snails|John William Horsley
  • The banks of Aripo are not the only localities, nor is the acicula the only mollusc, by which pearls are furnished.

British Dictionary definitions for acicula (1 of 2)

/ (əˈsɪkjʊlə) /

noun plural -lae (-ˌliː)

a needle-shaped part, such as a spine, prickle, or crystal

Derived forms of acicula

acicular, adjective

Word Origin for acicula

C19: New Latin, diminutive of acus needle

British Dictionary definitions for acicula (2 of 2)

/ (əˈsɪkjʊləm) /

noun plural -lums or -la (-lə)

a needle-like bristle that provides internal support for the appendages (chaetae) of some polychaete worms

Word Origin for aciculum

C19: New Latin; see acicula
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