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[ uh-kwit-l ]


  1. the act of acquitting; discharge.
  2. the state of being acquitted; release.
  3. the discharge or settlement of a debt, obligation, etc.
  4. Law. judicial deliverance from a criminal charge on a verdict or finding of not guilty.


  1. The judgment of a court that a person charged with a crime is not guilty.

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Other Words From

  • nonac·quittal noun
  • preac·quittal noun
  • proac·quittal adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of acquittal1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English a(c)quitaille, from Anglo-French; equivalent to acquit + -al 2
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Example Sentences

A year later, the acquittal of the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King set off riots in the city, during which many Korean shops were burned and looted.

Schwartz referenced two cases where Berryment had achieved an acquittal at trial for one client and had a guilty verdict vacated by the state supreme court for another.

It is also clear having the trial, even with an acquittal, was important.

Over 13 months from the initial disclosure to the president’s acquittal on impeachment charges, the Dow rose almost 20 percent.

He became famous in the county court for a streak of acquittals that some say reached into the seventies.

Skoller relates how lucky he was for a hung jury—the final, deadlocked vote was eleven to one, for acquittal.

His mother was beaming and seemed to take the acquittal as a vindication.

One month and three days after the acquittal, Tupac was born.

However, this same high court threw out the acquittal in the first place, so Knox may need more than luck to walk free.

Even Bieber's ridiculous statement won't destroy a dismissal or acquittal for faulty probable cause.

The persecuted minister obtained both a complete acquittal, and a signal revenge.

The acquittal of the Girondists would have given them some little hope that they also might find mercy.

Could she obtain a triumphant acquittal, through the force of her own integrity, she would greatly exult.

The strongest man in Paris would be howled down by the mob if he attempted to procure her acquittal.

Ugly had left the country a decade ago, following his acquittal for petty thieving.