[ ak-ting ]
/ ˈæk tɪŋ /


serving temporarily, especially as a substitute during another's absence; not permanent; temporary: the acting mayor.
designed, adapted, or suitable for stage performance.
provided with detailed stage directions for the performer: an acting version of a play.


the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc.

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Origin of acting

First recorded in 1595–1605; act + -ing2, -ing1

Related formspro·act·ing, adjectiveun·act·ing, adjective

Origin of act

1350–1400; Middle English act(e) (< Middle French) < Latin ācta, plural of āctum something done, noun use of past participle of agere to do (āg- past participle stem + -tum neuter past participle suffix); and directly < Latin āctus a doing (āg- + -tus suffix of v. action)

1. feat, exploit; achievement; transaction; accomplishment. See action. 4. record. 6. turn, routine. 10–13. perform, function, work. play. 19, 21 play.

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/ (ˈæktɪŋ) /

adjective (prenominal)

taking on duties temporarily, esp as a substitute for anotherthe acting president
operating or functioningan acting order
intended for stage performance; provided with directions for actorsan acting version of ``Hedda Gabler''


the art or profession of an actor



abbreviation for

Australian Capital Territory
(formerly in Britain) advance corporation tax


/ (ækt) /

n acronym for

(in New Zealand) Association of Consumers and Taxpayers: a small political party of the right


/ (ækt) /



See also act on, act out, act up

Derived Formsactable, adjectiveactability, noun

Word Origin for act

C14: from Latin actus a doing, performance, and actum a thing done, from the past participle of agere to do

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