actual cost


  1. the cost of a product based on incurred costs of material and labor required in its production.

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Example Sentences

The actual cost of living for an urban professional in Lagos or Nairobi is getting closer to their contemporaries doing the same job in cities where multinationals are headquartered.

From Quartz

Getting direct-air capture to that point may require total federal subsidies of $50 million to $2 billion, to cover the difference between the actual costs and market rates for commodity carbon dioxide.

The Shuttle’s average flight rate of four per year, meant that, with a program annual cost of $4 billion per year, the actual cost of a Shuttle flight was a whopping $1 billion.

Some are turning to private health care clubs as a result, with memberships costing thousands annually even before tallying the actual cost of treatment.

From Ozy

“To the extent that funding for online charter schools exceeds the actual cost of operation, the government is wasting many millions of tax dollars that are desperately needed in school districts across the state,” it says.

By working with my hands as well as with my head I learned the actual cost of production of every kind of plate they put out.

No allusion has been made in the Introduction to the pay of officers, nor to the actual cost of the keep of troopers.

Moreover, the actual cost of service in hauling pulp wood was fully as low as for lumber logs.

Everything was gain to it, which appeared to show an earning above the actual cost of handling the particular lot of freight.

I will show you the colliery books, that you may ascertain for yourself the actual cost of working.





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