[ ey-see-vee ]

abbreviation, nounplural ACV's or ACVs.
  1. air cushion vehicle: any of various vehicles that ride over water or terrain on a cushion of air generated by downward-thrusting fans and are pushed forward by one or more air propellers.

Origin of ACV

First recorded in 1960–65
  • Also called ground-ef·fect ma·chine [ground-i-fekt muh-sheen], /ˈgraʊnd ɪˌfɛkt məˈʃin/, sur·face ef·fect ve·hi·cle [sur-fis i-fekt vee-i-kuhl]; /ˈsɜr fɪs ɪˌfɛkt ˌvi ɪ kəl/; especially British, hov·er·craft or Hov·er·craft [huhv-er-kraft, -krahft, hov-] /ˈhʌv ərˌkræft, -ˌkrɑft, ˈhɒv-/ .

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