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add up


  1. to find the sum (of)
  2. intr to result in a correct total
  3. informal.
    intr to make sense
  4. intrfoll byto to amount to

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Example Sentences

He thinks if you add up the above the line you'll see that 50 gets you the slightly bigger movie with more action and 45 won't.

But all of them add up to a coiled-up rage, ready to lash out at the nearest target.

Corruption, suspicion, and a lack of doctors all add up to a growing calamity in Freetown.

Genuinely funny and intelligent and navel-gazing and strange, these parts might eventually add up to something truly big.

All of these differences add up to make each planet unique, a product of happenstance and history.

But suppose the pages do not add up to the same amount—they rarely do, and they rarely should—What then?

Then he began to add up the counterfoils of his cheque-book, a depressing operation that displayed an imminent financial crisis.

But something is going to happen, just as sure as you can add up two and three and make five out of them.

In itself, each critical situation was minor, but lumped together they could add up to failure.

They wrote down another word or two (which isn't fair), and then began to add up.





adductoradd up to