[noun ad-ikt; verb uh-dikt]


a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.

verb (used with object)

to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.
to habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high-flown language; children addicted to video games.

Origin of addict

1520–30; < Latin addictus assigned, surrendered (past participle of addīcere, equivalent to ad- ad- + dic- (variant stem of dīcere to fix, determine) + -tus past participle suffix)
Related formsnon·ad·dict, nounnon·ad·dict·ing, adjective

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Historical Examples of addict

  • He was a gambler and this talk was like the taste of drugs to an addict.


    Harry Harrison

  • He decided that she must be an addict of some drug, perhaps like the black lotus of Xuthal.

    The Devil in Iron

    Robert E. Howard

  • Having this in view, one must addict one's self to speaking the truth.

  • He's a man dressed in a weird outfit out of an addict's nightmare and appears to be the boss of this crew of rugged campers.

    The Ethical Engineer

    Henry Maxwell Dempsey

  • From their infancy they addict themselves to exercises best calculated to increase the strength and suppleness of their limbs.


    Frederick Shoberl

British Dictionary definitions for addict


verb (əˈdɪkt)

(tr; usually passive often foll by to) to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, esp a narcotic drug)

noun (ˈædɪkt)

a person who is addicted, esp to narcotic drugs
informal a person who is devoted to somethinga jazz addict

Word Origin for addict

C16: (as adj and as vb; n use C20): from Latin addictus given over, from addīcere to give one's assent to, from ad- to + dīcere to say
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Word Origin and History for addict

1530s (implied in addicted), from Latin addictus, past participle of addicere "to deliver, award, yield; give assent, make over, sell," figuratively "to devote, consecrate; sacrifice, sell out, betray" from ad- "to" (see ad-) + dicere "say, declare" (see diction), but also "adjudge, allot." Earlier in English as an adjective, "delivered, devoted" (1520s). Related: Addicted; addicting.


1909, in reference to morphine, from addict (v.).

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addict in Medicine




One who is addicted, as to narcotics or a compulsive activity.
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