/ ˈædɪ /


  1. informal.
    an e-mail address
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Example Sentences

For 16-year-old Addy Hanlon, there are really only two things that matter in the world: Cheerleading and her best friend, Beth.

Viewers hardly knew Addy, who was as weird as she was sweet.

But the one scene that stands out the most for me is when she was making Addy look pretty in the morgue.

When Addy (Jamie Brewer) dies, you just feel her world crashing down.

She was Addy Ranger, the type-writer on the ground-floor, who had come up from her typewriting to see what she could do.

Addy Ranger took Mr. Gunning very tenderly by the arm and led him to the stairs to see her go.

She owed her position to Jane, a position from which, Addy exultantly declared, not even earthquakes could remove her.

"Not now, Addy: she has wakened up a good deal," again interposed Josephine with her love of justice and want of tact.

"He didn't look old, and he didn't seem like a married man," rejoined Addy thoughtfully.





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