[ ad-l-ahn-tah-doh; Spanish ah-the-lahn-tah-thaw ]
/ ˌæd l ɑnˈtɑ doʊ; Spanish ˌɑ ðɛ lɑnˈtɑ ðɔ /
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noun, plural a·de·lan·ta·dos [ad-l-ahn-tah-dohz; Spanish ah-the-lahn-tah-thaws]. /ˌæd l ɑnˈtɑ doʊz; Spanish ˌɑ ðɛ lɑnˈtɑ ðɔs/. History/Historical.

a governor of a province in Spain or of a Spanish colonial province.
any of the early explorers, conquerors, or colonizers in Spanish America.



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Origin of adelantado

1835–45, Americanism;<Spanish, noun use of past participle of adelantar to go forward, derivative of adelante in front (a- (<Latin ad-ad-) + delante before, for denante<Late Latin dē in ante)
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