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[adjective uh-dept; noun ad-ept, uh-dept]
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  1. very skilled; proficient; expert: an adept juggler.
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noun ad·ept [ad-ept, uh-dept] /ˈæd ɛpt, əˈdɛpt/
  1. a skilled or proficient person; expert.
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Origin of adept

1655–65; < Medieval Latin adeptus one who has attained (the secret of transmuting metals), noun use of L past participle of adipiscī to attain to (ad- ad- + -ep-, combining form of ap- in aptus apt + -tus past participle suffix)
Related formsa·dept·ly, adverba·dept·ness, nounnon·a·dept, adjectivenon·a·dept·ly, adverbnon·a·dept·ness, nounun·a·dept, adjectiveun·a·dept·ly, adverbun·a·dept·ness, noun
Can be confusedadapt adept adopt
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Related Words for adept

adroit, proficient, deft, capable, skillful, skilled, accomplished, versed, expert, ace, crackerjack, clean, wizard, smooth, slick, savvy, whiz, crack, quick, sharp

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Historical Examples of adept

  • I am an adept in pretending that I don't see, and I don't hear.

    Her Father's Daughter

    Gene Stratton-Porter

  • Lyttelton was an adept in the artifices of fashionable intrigue.

  • If my doubts are well founded, he must be an adept in the art of dissimulation.

  • Perhaps I may be able to give you some help in this quest, being myself an adept in Love's lore.

  • My grandfather was an adept in both, and knew, besides, the Duke of Orleans well.

    Gerald Fitzgerald

    Charles James Lever

British Dictionary definitions for adept


adjective (əˈdɛpt)
  1. very proficient in something requiring skill or manual dexterity
  2. skilful; expert
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noun (ˈædɛpt)
  1. a person who is skilled or proficient in something
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Derived Formsadeptly, adverbadeptness, noun

Word Origin for adept

C17: from Medieval Latin adeptus, from Latin adipiscī to attain, from ad- to + apiscī to attain
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Word Origin and History for adept


1690s, "completely skilled" from Latin adeptus "having reached, attained," past participle of adipisci "to come up with, arrive at," figuratively "to attain to, acquire," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + apisci "grasp, attain," related to aptus "fitted" (see apt). Related: Adeptly.

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"an expert," especially "one who is skilled in the secrets of anything," 1660s, from Latin adeptus (see adept (adj.)). The Latin adjective was used as a noun in this sense in Medieval Latin among alchemists.

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