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[ ad-heer-uhns, -her- ]


  1. the quality of adhering; steady devotion, support, allegiance, or attachment:

    adherence to a party; rigid adherence to rules.

  2. the act or state of adhering; adhesion.

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Other Words From

  • nonad·herence noun
  • pread·herence noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of adherence1

< Medieval Latin adhērentia. See adhere, -ence

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Example Sentences

So in theory, these multiple layers should provide a high level of independence and a high level of adherence to these laws.

Absent any effective mechanism for encouraging adherence to the Roundtable statement, the system is stacked against those who attempt to do so.

From Fortune

Participants were asked about their recreational behavior, and also about their adherence to recommendations like wearing a mask or keeping six-feet distance from other people.

From Eater

The 5G network will also equip patients with monitoring tools that measure vital signs, medication adherence, and more, giving doctors a more accurate, real-time look at a patient’s information—and providing for a more personalized care experience.

From Fortune

You wouldn’t think you’d have an adherence issue with something like the cochlear implant.

There is reference after reference to the “black community,” “black worth ethic,” and adherence to the “black value system.”

Some publications have claimed that Bulletproof Stockings hold women-only concerts in adherence with kol isha.

The next conference will be held in Washington, DC—not exactly a place known for its adherence to the Bible—on November 6-8, 2014.

DC Comics uses a slavish adherence to the status quo to prevent anything socially progressive from taking place on its pages.

The treats are seen as a way to keep spirits high and help dieters maintain adherence during the week.

They affirmed their adherence to the Renaissance méridionale, and claimed equal rights for the Languedocian dialect.

Without repeated adherence to these moral precepts, free government cannot survive.

These two traitspride and an adherence to the point of honor, are almost invariably the mainsprings of Charalois conduct.

The stanchest Republican may by reason of a blind adherence to party be working an injury to the country he loves.

France, he thought, had disqualified herself by her adherence to the traditions of her Revolution.


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