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  1. a son of David, put to death at the order of Solomon. II Sam. 3:4; I Kings 2:19–25.
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Also Douay Bible, Ad·o·ni·as [ad-n-ahy-uh s] /ˌæd nˈaɪ əs/.
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Historical Examples of adonias

  • Then all the guests of Adonias were afraid, and they all arose, and every man went his way.

    The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version


  • And Adonias, the son of Haggith, exalted himself, saying: I will be king.

  • And Adonias, and all that were invited by him, heard it, and now the feast was at an end.

  • Adonias is put to death: Abiathar is banished: Joab and Semei are slain.

  • Adonias pretending to reign, Nathan and Bethsabee obtain that Solomon should be declared and anointed king.