[ ey-dree-uhn ]


  1. Edgar Douglas, 1889–1977, English physiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1932.
  2. (Gilbert), 1903–59, U.S. fashion and costume designer.
  3. a city in SE Michigan.
  4. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “from Hadria,” an ancient city in northern Italy.


/ ˈeɪdrɪən /


  1. AdrianEdgar Douglas, Baron Adrian18891977MEnglishSCIENCE: physiologist Edgar Douglas, Baron Adrian. 1889–1977, English physiologist, noted particularly for his research into the function of neurons: shared with Sherrington the Nobel prize for physiology and medicine 1932

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Example Sentences

Adrian had never heard of Date Lab until a co-worker encouraged him to sign up.

“When someone like Brenda reaches out, which is what she did to Chloe, well, I think that’s it, really,” said Bibby’s father, Adrian.

Adrian is a tech enthusiast, in the SEO industry for over 9 years.

Adrian mentions a hypothetical case in which the government might be able to distribute housing through blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

From Ozy

To many millennials, Adrian’s sharp turn to the left is recognizable.

From Ozy

Adrian Hill, owner of the Picturecraft Gallery in Holt where Williamson lived at the time, organized the show.

Do you think people are conflating Adrian Grenier with Vincent Chase?

Nearly all the coverage focused on Ray Rice punching his fiancé senseless and Adrian Peterson beating his child.

Adrian will address the charges with the same respect and responsiveness he has brought to this inquiry from its beginning.

Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son.

Adrian de Valois (or Valesius) died; a learned French historian and critic.

And when the book is published and Adrian's memory flattered and Doria is assured of her mental and moral balance—what then?

There is no doubt that, in her way and as far as her Adrian-bound emotional temperament permitted, she felt grateful to Jaffery.

How dared editors employ men to write on Adrian's work who were unable to distinguish between it and that of Jaffery Chayne?

Doria exclaimed, "and if you weren't the wife of Adrian's trusted friend, I would never speak to you again."


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