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[ ad-vanst, -vahnst ]


  1. placed ahead or forward:

    with one foot advanced.

  2. ahead or far or further along in progress, complexity, knowledge, skill, etc.:

    an advanced class in Spanish;

    to take a course in advanced mathematics;

    Our plans are too advanced to make the change now.

  3. pertaining to or embodying ideas, practices, attitudes, etc., taken as being more enlightened or liberal than the standardized, established, or traditional:

    advanced theories of child care;

    the more advanced members of the artistic community.

  4. far along in time:

    the advanced age of most senators.


/ ədˈvɑːnst /


  1. being ahead in development, knowledge, progress, etc

    advanced studies

  2. having reached a comparatively late stage

    a man of advanced age

  3. ahead of the times

    advanced views on religion

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Other Words From

  • well-ad·vanced adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of advanced1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English; advance + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

The United States continues to lag behind many other advanced industrialized nations in math, science and reading literacy.

So Richard, Brazil has this history of being pretty advanced on internet governance and on digital civil rights.

Most native search functionality is very basic and just looks for the presence of “search term,” but you may want to test out more advanced filters that help users more effectively find the information they are looking for.

You’ll want one with a fabric, material, and overall design to fit your bedroom’s aesthetic, and you also may want certain advanced options, such as a USB port.

In other technologies, including next-generation batteries, electric vehicles, and smart-grid products and services, US firms are already developing advanced technologies.

Advanced maternal age dramatically increases the risk of maternal mortality as well as birth defects like Down Syndrome.

While Kurdish forces have advanced on some fronts in Iraq, the fight here in Syria seems far from over yet.

It was the ultimate guarantor of the humanism he advanced against Nazism.

He went on to say that Syria should not be “allowed to bring advanced weapons systems into Lebanon.”

That means it could take several missile shots to kill an enemy fighter, even for an advanced stealth aircraft like the Raptor.

I was rather awed by his imposing appearance, and advanced timidly to the doors, which were of glass, and pulled the bell.

Lady Maude advanced; she had really come in by accident; her head was bent, her eyelashes rested on her flushed cheeks.

An extraordinary eruption of mount Vesuvius commenced, which in ten days had advanced ten miles from its original source.

But the flight of the insurgents was too far advanced to rally them, and they retired south towards Pampanga.

The sputum of more advanced cases resembles that of chronic bronchitis, with the addition of tubercle bacilli and elastic fibers.


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