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[ ad-vans-muhnt, -vahns- ]


  1. the act or process of moving forward:

    They hoped that destroying bridges around the metropolis would slow the advancement of enemy troops.

  2. promotion in rank or standing; preferment:

    She had high hopes for advancement in the company.

  3. development toward increased understanding, quality, utility, or benefit to human welfare in a consequential area of knowledge, technology, or practice:

    She toiled in the lab out of personal ambition, not for the advancement of medical science.

  4. an achievement or result contributing to progress in a consequential area of knowledge, technology, or practice:

    Advancements in robotics will transform industry.

  5. Law. money or property given by one person during their lifetime to another that is considered an anticipation of an inheritance and is therefore to be deducted from any share that the recipient may have in a donor's estate.


/ ədˈvɑːnsmənt /


  1. promotion in rank, status, etc; preferment
  2. a less common word for advance advance
  3. property law the use during a testator's lifetime of money or property for the benefit of a child or other person who is a prospective beneficiary in the testator's will

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Other Words From

  • non·ad·vance·ment noun
  • self-ad·vance·ment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of advancement1

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English avauncement, from Anglo-French, Old French avancement; advance, -ment

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Example Sentences

Astonishingly, few mass-market digital learning tools are built or adopted with these pedagogical advancements in mind.

Term positions further provide “limited career advancement possibilities, and no standing when an individual in one of these appointments applies for a full-time position,” it said.

Mobile gaming companies, for example, slice and dice the trillions of interactions by their users to learn when to offer advancements for free and when to ask for in-app payments.

From Fortune

In November 2019, Milton claimed that Nikola would soon unveil “the biggest advancement we have seen in the battery world.”

From Fortune

Women’s economic pain from the pandemic could last a lifetime through lost earnings and less potential for job advancement, Scarborough says.

With aristocracy at an end, the barriers to their swift advancement were gone.

He seeks redemption by facilitating the advancement of those tempted to resort to guns.

But together, they present a huge barrier to advancement for African American lawmakers who are looking to statewide office.

The Advancement Project says these laws could potentially disenfranchise tens of thousands of minority voters.

For Palestinian negotiators, a halt on settlement construction is necessary for the advancement of peace talks.

In this situation we waited the motion of the enemy, without perceiving any advancement they made towards us.

"There's one road to advancement, and you know where to find the trooper's duty laid down plain," he said, with a dry smile.

After 1816, Dutocq outwardly affected very pronounced religious tendencies because he believed them useful to his advancement.

The planetary and sidereal systems which constitute the universe are at different degrees of organization and advancement.

The next year—1883—showed a still further advancement in the club's popularity, for it was the chosen recipient of a Queen's Cup.


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