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    in advance, ahead of time; beforehand: You must get your tickets in advance.
    in advance of, in front of; before: Heralds walked in advance of the king.

Origin of advance

1200–50; Middle English avauncen < Anglo-French, Old French avanc(i)er < Vulgar Latin *abantiāre, verbal derivative of Late Latin abante in front (of) (Latin ab away from, off + ante before); ad- by mistaking a- for a-5 in the 16th cent.

Related formsad·vanc·ing·ly, adverbo·ver·ad·vance, verb, o·ver·ad·vanced, o·ver·ad·vanc·ing, nounun·ad·vanc·ing, adjective

Synonym study

13. Advance, move on, proceed all imply movement forward. Advance applies to forward movement, especially toward an objective: to advance to a platform. Proceed emphasizes movement, as from one place to another, and often implies continuing after a halt: to proceed on one's journey. Move on is similar in meaning to proceed; it does not, however, imply a definite goal: The crowd was told to move on. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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to go or bring forward in position
(foll by on) to move (towards) in a threatening manner
(tr) to present for consideration; suggest
to bring or be brought to a further stage of development; improve; further
(tr) to cause (an event) to occur earlier
(tr) to supply (money, goods, etc) beforehand, either for a loan or as an initial payment
to increase (a price, value, rate of occurrence, etc) or (of a price, etc) to be increased
(intr) to improve one's position; be promotedhe advanced rapidly in his job
(tr) archaic to promote in rank, status, or position


forward movement; progress in time or space
improvement; progress in development
  1. the supplying of commodities or funds before receipt of an agreed consideration
  2. the commodities or funds supplied in this manner
  3. (as modifier)an advance supply
Also called: advance payment a money payment made before it is legally duethis is an advance on your salary
a loan of money
an increase in price, value, rate of occurrence, etc
a less common word for advancement (def. 1)
in advance
  1. beforehandpayment in advance
  2. (foll by of)ahead in time or developmentideas in advance of the time
(modifier) forward in position or timeadvance booking; an advance warning
See also advances

Derived Formsadvancer, nounadvancingly, adverb

Word Origin for advance

C15: advauncen, altered (on the model of words beginning with Latin ad-) from C13 avauncen, via Old French from Latin abante from before, from ab- away from + ante before

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see in advance; make advances.

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