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[ ad-vahy-zuh-ree ]


  1. of, giving, or containing advice:

    an advisory letter from a stockbroker.

  2. having the power or duty to advise:

    an advisory council.


, plural ad·vi·so·ries.
  1. a report on existing or predicted conditions, often with advice for dealing with them:

    an investment advisory.

  2. an announcement or bulletin that serves to advise and usually warn the public, as of some potential hazard: a travelers' advisory.

    a health advisory;

    a travelers' advisory.

  3. an announcement from the U.S. National Weather Service to keep the public informed about the progress of a potentially dangerous weather condition: tornado advisory. Compare warning ( def 3 ), watch ( def 20 ).

    hurricane advisory;

    tornado advisory.


/ ədˈvaɪzərɪ /


  1. giving advice; empowered to make recommendations

    an advisory body


  1. a statement issued to give advice, recommendations, or a warning

    a travel advisory

  2. a person or organization with an advisory function

    the Prime Minister's media advisory

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Other Words From

  • ad·viso·ri·ly adverb
  • pread·viso·ry adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of advisory1

First recorded in 1770–80; advise + -ory 1

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Example Sentences

Calvert, meanwhile, did not disclose that he once held an unpaid position on the advisory board of Hayungs’ company, MRG Medical.

A permanent advisory group was also set up by the surgeon general to provide guidance in vaccine production and testing.

From Ozy

One was followed by a former member of Congress, Republican Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, who is on the Catholics for Trump advisory board.

The report also recommends establishing an international scientific advisory board to evaluate the state of the technology and consult on applications to do such heritable or germline editing.

Wealth and investment banking advisory, the biggest growth areas, both posted record revenue in the first six months, driven by growth in China as markets recovered.

From Fortune

Indeed, as an almost purely advisory firm, Lazard is (appropriately) barely affected by the Dodd-Frank reforms.

And if he is re-elected, the House advisory rules prohibiting him from voting no longer apply.

On Nov. 13, after years of deliberation, an advisory panel finally recommended lifting the ban, sort of.

The whole stack was re-evaluated—a “one-time decision,” said a memo from the advisory council, due to “extraneous circumstances.”

To this end, a robust Special Operations Forces presence beyond simply a modest advisory effort should be sent to Iraq.

In connection with the advisory committee's recommendation that the depth of lifeboats shall not exceed 44 per cent.

The advisory board, men who drove past in milk wagons, condemned it as a piece of folly.

You all know something of the scheme; it has been heard and passed as feasible by the Advisory Group.

The policies of the National Trades' Union instead of merely advisory were henceforth to be binding.

The field of this advisory council is indicated in a series of memoranda presented to him in January, 1917.





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