[ adz ]
/ ædz /

noun, verb (used with object), adzed, adz·ing.


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or adze

[ adz ]
/ ædz /


an axlike tool, for dressing timbers roughly, with a curved, chisellike steel head mounted at a right angle to the wooden handle.

verb (used with object)

to dress or shape (wood) with an adz.

Origin of adz

before 900; Middle English ad(e)se, Old English adesa; *ad-es-, of obscure origin, appears to be formed like ax, and might by association with the latter have lost *w-; if so, < Germanic *wad-, cognate with Lithuanian vedegà adz

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US adz

/ (ædz) /


a heavy hand tool with a steel cutting blade attached at right angles to a wooden handle, used for dressing timber

Word Origin for adze

Old English adesa
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