[ ee-groh-tat, ee-groh-tat ]
/ ˈi groʊˌtæt, iˈgroʊ tæt /

noun British.

an unclassified degree granted a university student who has fulfilled all requirements for graduation but was prevented by illness from attending the final examinations.

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Origin of aegrotat

1860–65; < Latin aegrōtat literally, he is sick (present 3rd singular of aegrōtāre), equivalent to aegrōt(us) sick (aeg(e)r sick + -ōtus adj. suffix) + -at 3rd singular ending Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for aegrotat


/ (ˈaɪɡrəʊˌtæt, ˈiː-, iːˈɡrəʊtæt) /


(in British and certain other universities, and, sometimes, schools) a certificate allowing a candidate to pass an examination although he has missed all or part of it through illness
a degree or other qualification obtained in such circumstances

Word Origin for aegrotat

C19: Latin, literally: he is ill

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Word Origin and History for aegrotat



certificate that a student is ill, Latin, literally "he is sick," third person singular of aegrotare "to be sick," from aeger "sick."

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