affaire d'amour

[a-fer da-moor]

noun, plural af·faires d'a·mour [a-fer da-moor] /a fɛr daˈmur/. French.

a love affair.

Also called af·faire.

affaire de coeur

[a-fer duh-kœr]

noun, plural af·faires de coeur [a fer duh-kœr] /a fɛr dəˈkœr/. French.

a love affair.

Origin of affaire de coeur

literally, affair of the heart
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Examples from the Web for affaire

Contemporary Examples of affaire

  • It is dubbed the Affaire du Carlton, after a four-star hotel at the heart of the scandal in Lille, northeast of Paris.

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    Hooker-Ring Probe Embroils DSK

    Tracy McNicoll

    October 18, 2011

Historical Examples of affaire

  • She will not marry, she will not have an affaire, yet she longs for the intimate companionship of a man.


    Cleveland Moffett

  • He jumped up, pointed to the page, and cried out, "Voila mon affaire!"

    Lord Kelvin

    Andrew Gray

  • The Affaire Dreyfus was used by all parties to achieve their particular aims.

    My Memoirs

    Marguerite Steinheil

  • I did not think an affaire du coeur could be so serious; but now I know it.

  • She went, and of course did not return, and so the affaire closed.

    Dumas' Paris

    Francis Miltoun

British Dictionary definitions for affaire



a love affair

affaire d'amour

noun plural affaires d'amour (afɛr damur)

a love affair

affaire de coeur

noun plural affaires de coeur (afɛr də kœr)

an affair of the heart; love affair
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