of, caused by, or expressing emotion or feeling; emotional.
causing emotion or feeling.

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Origin of affective

1540–50; < Medieval Latin affectīvus, equivalent to Latin affect(us) (action noun; see affect1) + -īvus -ive

Related formsaf·fec·tive·ly, adverbaf·fec·tiv·i·ty [af-ek-tiv-i-tee] /ˌæf ɛkˈtɪv ɪ ti/, nounnon·af·fec·tive, adjective

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Examples from the Web for affectively

  • Affectively she was remarkably frank, sometimes a little surly, or she showed a slight empty uneasiness.

    Benign Stupors|August Hoch

British Dictionary definitions for affectively



psychol relating to affects
concerned with or arousing the emotions or affection
Derived Formsaffectivity (ˌæfɛkˈtɪvɪtɪ) or affectiveness, noun

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Medicine definitions for affectively




Concerned with or arousing feelings or emotions; emotional.
Influenced by or resulting from the emotions, as of a psychological disorder.

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