[af-gan, -guh n]
  1. Also Afghani. a native or inhabitant of Afghanistan.
  2. Pashto.
  3. (lowercase) a soft woolen blanket, crocheted or knitted, usually in a geometric pattern.
  4. Also called Afghan hound. one of a breed of swift hunting hounds having a long, narrow head and a long, silky coat.
  1. of Afghanistan or its people or language. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

British Dictionary definitions for afghan hound

Afghan hound

  1. a tall graceful breed of hound with a long silky coat


  1. a knitted or crocheted wool blanket or shawl, esp one with a geometric pattern
  2. a sheepskin coat, often embroidered and having long fur trimming around the edges

Word Origin for afghan

from Afghanistan


Afghani (æfˈɡænɪ, -ˈɡɑː-)

  1. a native, citizen, or inhabitant of Afghanistan
  2. another name for Pashto
  3. history an Indian camel driver employed in the outback of Australia
  1. denoting or relating to Afghanistan, its people, or their language
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Word Origin and History for afghan hound


name of the people of Afghanistan, technically only correctly applied to the Durani Afghans; Old Afghan chronicles trace the name to an Afghana, son of Jeremiah, sone of Israelite King Saul, from whom they claimed descent, but this is a legend. The name is first attested in Arabic in al-'Utbi's "History of Sultan Mahmud" written c.1030 C.E. and was in use in India from 13c. Attested from 1833 as a type of blanket or wrap (in full, Afghan shawl); 1973 as a style of sheepskin coat; 1877 as a type of carpet; 1895 as a breed of hunting dog.

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