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[ uh-fahyuhr ]


  1. on fire:

    to set a house afire.


/ əˈfaɪə /


  1. on fire; ablaze
  2. intensely interested or passionate

    he was afire with enthusiasm for the new plan

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Word History and Origins

Origin of afire1

Middle English word dating back to 1175–1225; a- 1, fire
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Example Sentences

Then, over the next two months, as he bought a couple of hundred more, he watched the stock price blow up, setting markets afire with controversy and inducing one of the most dramatic short-squeezes in history.

From Quartz

The bodies had been piled onto dry branches and logs, doused in gasoline, and set afire.

The blogosphere is afire with outrage: A rich do-nothing given probation for raping his three-year-old daughter!

TVs and DVDs and CDs were piled in the street and set afire.

Twitter is afire with thoughts on the Woodward-Politico-Gene Sperling imbroglio.

Most of the cars were set afire in carports or underground parking structures.

I also found the camp and the country round about burning, the said Ygolotes having set it afire only a short time before.

The insult that mademoiselle might overlook might even not have fully understood—set him afire with indignation for her sake.

The room should be moist with steam when the sulphur is set afire so that the fumes will act effectually.

On the floor he spread a lot of wet oakum wads to prevent the splashing of the metal setting the floor afire.

As supper-time came, they set this heap afire and let it burn for an hour or two, until the great flat ledge was at a white heat.


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